10 Pcs Cat Chew Sticks, Cat Catnip Sticks, Chew Toys for Cat Teeth Cleaning, Cat Catnip Attract Cats Attention, Kitty Oral Care Teeth Grinding Snack Sticks for All Ages

Diversity of Uses-Silver vine sticks are effective in cleaning teeth, eliminating cat’s bad breath and protecting oral health for your pet. As a cat toy, it can also help cats release pressure and make them feel happy.

10 Pcs Cat Toy Set-Large capacity is more convenient, we prepare 10 cat catnip sticks for you cats. After a period of use, when you think one of them isn’t clean, you can choose to change another.

High Quality and Safety-The silvervine stick is organic and safe and hard to break, we add catnip in it. The catnip is nature. You don’t have to worry about whether it will cause harm to your cats.

Improve Relation-A great gift for your cats. cats love Catnip, Your cat will be strongly attracted by it. You pick out the cat happy sticks from Hundreds of cat toys,your pets will very excited.

Warm Tips-Catnip is very attractive to most cats. When your pets smells this smell, they will be very active. Don’t worry, this is a normal phenomenon.

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